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CDG Interrogates and Beheads Zetas Woman for Revenge
The beheading was done as a response to the murder of Comandante Gallo - one of top CDG commanders who was also reportedly decapitated by Los

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Oct-2-2013 (#40989) By: zamohammed (points: 18, rank: 323)

why only taliban blame .

Nov-10-2013 (#43878) By: Guest user - Id: Ojrjn4gIyY

hijos de perra,,malditos

Dec-4-2013 (#45754) By: ScoobyDoobyDoo (points: 536, rank: 17)

She felt that machete drag across her throat…. Ick ~

Jan-3-2014 (#50209) By: johnlopez (points: 1, rank: 4520)

i hope god forgave her

Jan-16-2014 (#52928) By: Deniz - Id: PSZR9Xwek6


Feb-20-2014 (#56179) By: Bick - Id: 86/Q2Ft5P.

What the fuck is wrong with people?

Feb-22-2014 (#56350) By: Not a drug scum thats for sure - Id: zPOtLGzNmg

Men, bah, these are animals. scum. all need shot...and de balled...

Feb-27-2014 (#56878) By: fukkr - Id: D/ByEHdsQY

We really don't need people who produce people than do shit like this. It doesn't matter what the race. Hatred bred of ignorance is the root cause and until we can improve the quality of people in general we will always have murderous shitbags with little regard for life.

Mar-13-2014 (#58093) By: Guest user - Id: cWrhf9axt.

please add subtitles

Mar-27-2014 (#59182) By: Kenny - Id: z0Mh8K19Hc